That shit Craaaaay ;) Check out this bootleg by Dj BL3V!!! BL3V has some pretty cool energy that we like to see!!! BL3V was born and raised in Manhattan New York, DJ BL3V has always been around music. His love for music began at a very young age. When DJ BL3V was 8 years old, he scratched on his first record, he says “It was one of the most amazing moments as a kid”. At the age of 16, Ben heard his first Electronic Music and was captivated. He started to teach himself how to DJ and to understand Electronic Music. His 2nd show, at 17 years old, DJ BL3V was asked to headline New Years Eve 2011 at Ultra Violet in Brooklyn, NY. Now at the age of 18, Ben Pall has been able to share his love for music and play at Manhattan’s “Tenjune”. In addition, he has also traveled to CT, NH, NJ, and Albany, NY to do what he loves to play music. You will be seeing much more of BL3V in the future so stay tuned !!! For more info on BL3V check out his Facebook¬†or Twitter¬†@DJBL3V212

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